Services Benefits gained

Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate costs of manual document indexing, archiving, retrieving, as well as misfiling and backlog maintenance and preservation.

Drive Higher Productivity

The automatic capture and upload remove the need for the administrative human factor, reflect accurate data immediately, and accelerate well-informed decision making with the seamless real-time data sharing and enhanced search ability.

Comply with Regulations

With electronic capture, automated record classification, indexing, routing and real-time data monitoring, the digital mailroom helps you comply with record security, confidentiality, and lifecycle management regulations.


The Process PLAN

We gather data, prepare the documents for the scanning process. Make plan to determine the amount of pages, the formats, instructions for indexing, classifying and labeling then get your approval.


The Process DIGITIZE

Starting scanning your daily transactions, using predefined automated processes to convert them into electronic formats, and accordingly have a fully complied and paperless organization.


The Process UPLOAD

By handling multi-channel input , and once integrated into your processes and systems, easily upload all digital documents to the right platform.


The Process RETRIEVE

Access your authorized digital documents, that will help you to maximise business efficiency, improve customer responsiveness and speed up decision making cycle.

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