Services Benefits gained

Shield Records against Damage and Intrusion

Our storage facilities apply the international safety measures: fire detection and distinguishing system, gas suppression system, intrusion detection system, card access, CCTV recording and monitoring, and security guards.

Free Office Space

As you transfer your records to our storage facility, you save you the space, time, and effort records maintenance and disposal consumes.

Organize Records for Ease of Management

To facilitate records management, retrieval, and disposition, we categorize records (permanent, temporary) sort them into folders and cartons; label them anonymously for confidentiality; and barcode them for identification and traceability.


The Process Study

To use our offsite storage,we study, analyze, evaluate and plan what technique that fit your needs.


The Process Pick-up

We guarantee secure door-to-door pickup, using our fleet to transport your vital data by our specialist team.


The Process Store

We provides convenient secure offsite storage, where your critical data will be stored, archived ,indexed & easily organized to prevent any damage or loss.


The Process Retrieve

We provide quick & accurate retrieval and delivery upon request. Create employee authority matrix (retrieve/request) using secure online access.

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