Daily Jacket Solution

Overview Riding the Digital Transformation Wave

Contellect Daily Jacket is a flexible and scalable Document Imaging Solution, that adapts your business model to align with the worldwide trends of digital transformation.

It combines character text, document, and optical recognition technologies for Data Capture, classify, recognize and validate data from files of almost any format, and generates searchable and editable data that can be fed into your centralized storage repository.


  • Captures your critical data—backlog—and new data capture at point of entry.
  • Assigns indexes in advance for ease of sorting.
  • Secures your data against intrusion with in-motion and at-rest encryption.
  • Integrates with front-end systems and applications.
  • The process records most formats (scanned physical documents, digital images, PDFs) and documents all volumes and genres (contracts, invoices, application forms, mail, bank statements, etc.) without data loss or system failure.

Product Benefits

Shares Data Seamlessly and Securely

Routes your data automatically, confidentially, and effectively to the parties concerned.

Improves your Bottom Line

Reduces administrative costs and achieves a higher ROI: no time or effort wasted on misguided file search or manual data entries

Ensures Data Accuracy

Ensures optimal levels of data accuracy and durability, with data validation and duplication checking.

Protects your Assets

Eliminates the risks that threatens your physical information assets (loss, intrusion, wear and tear) with digital scanning and storage


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