Enterprise Content Management Solution

Overview Gathering your Big Data under One Roof

Contellect ECM is your Content management system that leverages the power of big data as it gathers, in one place, content of all formats and connects users across silos (for more info please visit www.contellect.com).

The robust architecture enables you to store and process tons of data while maintaining efficient performance and quick response time.

Contellect ECM is upgradable with your choice of add-ons from multiple modules, like workflow/BPM. It supports federated search, metadata view, and flexible integration capabilities www.contellect.com.


  • Receive, organize, and store capture-scanned content, by transferring tons of data from multiple systems to a secure centralized repository.


  • Access your digitized records (emails, files, contracts, invoices, videos, images, etc.) anywhere via mobile integration and web portal enhancement.


  • Integrates with other programs like CRM, ERP, GIS, etc. via a simple SDK.


  • Share data instantaneously and seamlessly across your enterprise.


  • Design a security matrix granting and revoking content accessibility rights for individuals or user groups.

Product Benefits

Reduce Expense

Migrate to an automated workflow saving you the time, money and space which is consumed by paperwork.

Improved ROI

Generate a higher return-on-investment by providing prompt and accurate feedback to your customers and key players.

Guard your Data

Preserve your critical data against wear and tear, risks of fire, intrusion, loss, etc.

Achieve Compliance

Comply with information management and security policies and guarantee professional business processes.


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