Services Benefits gained

Preserve your Tapes in Perfect Conditions

Our fortified, air-conditioned, and humidity-controlled data vault applies the highest security and surveillance measures to ensure your backup tapes are safe against damage or loss due to natural disasters, fire, human intrusion, theft, deliberate subversion, etc.

Guarantee Business Continuity

A storage that is both offline and offsite guards your productivity post emergencies, as it counter balances the threats disasters pose. If push comes to shove, you can rely on our immediate, secure, and professional media retrieval service that guarantees the success of your disaster recovery and gets your business back on track instantaneously.

Achieve Compliance

Our offsite storage and remote management processes ensure that our clients achieve optimal compliance with the uninterrupted data availability, immediate/planned retrieval options, confidential backup storage, and authorized access.


The Process SCHEDULE

Upon your internal backup plan methodology, we build schedule (daily, weekly or monthly) to identify the process of collection and delivery of your tapes.


The Process PICK-UP

Our Data Vault provides a comprehensive solution of transporting, storing, managing and retrieving your backup tapes from your site to our secure offsite vault.


The Process STORE

Highly protected offsite vault with extra fire-rated construction, electronic locks, temperature, humidity controller, camera system, 24 hours alarms and smoke detection that protects your data from any unpredictable events.


The Process RETRIEVE

Based on security matrix and authorizations, we facilitate quick, accurate and easy retrieval. Tapes in hand "DATA LOSS NULL" !!!

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