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Overview Managing Records Remotely

Contellect RMS is a highly-functional, yet intuitive application that guides you throughout the records management lifecycle.


Thanks to its portable design, Contellect Records Management enables you to manage your records anywhere and anytime.


  • Track and trace the delivery and collection of your records and storage boxes online. Place and track your record pickup order and storage boxes delivery online.
  • Locate and track your records in the (warehouse) storehouse with various tracking options, such as box and barcode tracking, as well as monitoring their status: active, semi-active, inactive.
  • Grant and revoke records management access permissions with user-defined data restrictions which can be applied at both row and field level.
  • Assign regulation-compliant lifecycles to your records and schedule retention and destruction/shredding plans.
  • Retrieve your stored physical records quickly—2 hours from request.

Product Benefits

Increase Productivity and Decrease Expenses

Relieve your employees from the hassles of physical records storage, minimize time wastage and increase your physical storage capacity.

Guard Information Confidentiality

Protect sensitive information with Contellect RM’s robust security model.

Achieve Regulatory Compliance

Contellect RMS abides by the records management and information governance standards as well as the record compliance regulations.

Take your Records Everywhere

A portable design and diverse integration options, allows remote and timely access to records anywhere, anytime.


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